The Rumbles

Allow me to introduce you to The Rumbles, makers of beautiful sound.
Deirdre Brian and Scott are all originally from Victoria, Margate and Charlottetown Prince Edward Island. They moved to Montreal when a band they played in called Strawberry got a record deal with Cargo Records just prior to its big collapse. They then made a record called Brokeheart Audio for No Records and over time have morphed into The Rumbles. Deirdre also has sung with rapper Spek and recorded with Shalabi Effect. She also is/was a member of Valley of the Giants whom Scott toured with.

I’ve been following the band’s various incarnations (last as The Squarewaves) for a few years now, always looking forward to new music. Scott was kind enough to e-mail me about some new songs he, Brian and Deirdre have recorded. The three you can listen to at the page above are from a larger collection of demos Scott plans to share, along with some Strawberry and The Squarewaves material once some technical issues are out of the way.

Scott worked out the technical problems and has posted a ton of music for us to download over at The Ghost Says Boo. You’ll find The Rumbles demos, a Squarewaves collection and a number of Strawberry demos and final recordings. It’s a real treasure of good music. I know I’ll be spending my listening time for the next couple days with these songs.

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