Loft & Thanksgiving

In the time since my last entry I finally bought a ladder so that I can make full use of my loft (yes, thanks to Gwen it now is listed at 43Places). It’s been great to use it as a place to store my excess stuff and to hang out with my friends. They took over the walls and decorated them with drawings and words that are strange, childish and entirely amusing. Gwen even marked her territory on one wall.

Saturday night a few of us had a potluck Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment. It turned out very well, with great food and even better people. The only sad part was that it was the very first Thanksgiving meal I’ve experienced where there were no leftovers. Normally I’d have a few days of delicious food, but not this time. My world seems to have entirely shifted.

A recent study seems to point to average being beautiful. A study published in Psychological Science suggests that the less processing time we take to recognize something, the more we like it. Thus, the more average or less deviant something is, the more beautiful we find it. The averaged face of 15 women included with the article certainly is very attractive, but I tend to enjoy deviance a great deal as well. How do we include the appeal of the exotic in considerations of beauty?

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