Dissolution of Freedom

How have I forgotten to mention my love for Malta Corona? If there’s one drink I never get sick of it’s this. I fell in love with it when I tried it at the European Pantry across the street; it goes well with baklava and tyropitas. I’ve had two bottles so far tonight and four more wait for me in my fridge. My tongue will be happy tonight.

My vacation has flown by and now that the last day of it has come to a close I’m wishing it would last longer. I completed the suitcase project, spent a lot of time with wonderful people, read plenty, went to a great concert, and generally had a refreshing and rewarding break from work.

I enjoyed my trip to New Brunswick over the weekend, spending time with my parents and cousins. I hadn’t seen Frank and Melanie, their kids Kailey, Shane, Victoria and Colton, or my aunt Lucille in a couple years, so I had been looking forward to seeing them all again. It’s a bit strange to know that Kailey will graduate from high school in a couple months and that all the others have grown up so much. It was fun to be climbed over by a couple rugrats during the day and spend an evening drinking margaritas.
I discovered an odd drink while in Fredericton; in a mall there was a stand selling Smoochies, which were a combination of bubble tea and slushies. The drink was good, actually, enough so that I’d get it again, but I do prefer real bubble tea.
I think the best moment of the trip was when my mom asked me, “So, will you be buying Christmas presents for all the women in your life?”
I looked over at her and said, “Jesus, Mom, I’m not that rich!”
I got a funny look for that, and I know she meant my roommates and Gwen, but 99% of my friends happen to be female, so I couldn’t help but respond in that way.

This time away from work has renewed my commitment to find ways to have more time and resources to pursue projects and interests I have outside of conventional work. Central to that is creating a location-independent income source, which would allow me to stretch my nomadic wings some. I’m working on it diligently.

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