Ghosts of Christmas

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope your holidays are going blissfully this year. Mine were nice. I spent a couple lazy days at my parents’ place in Dean, enjoying time with my family.
Because I will be working a great deal over the next few days, I opened my presents early. I received a lot of nice things, but a knit hat from my sister, Terry BrooksArmageddon’s Children from my parents, a vegetable steamer from my cousins, a Rumi calendar and a tigerseye mala from Gwen, and homemade cookies from my aunt come to mind immediately.

I spent some of my time in Dean going through backups of photos I’ve amassed during the past 5 years. It was heartwarming to look back and remember some unforgettable and beautiful moments with the people dearest to me. The swirl of memory held times in the maple woods, Ashley’s 2002 visit, concert communions, bike rides, laughing Wednesdays, Susana’s visit two summers ago, a roadside picnic with Cerra and beachcombing with Andrew and Allison. I’ve had a blessed life thusfar, but the future is open.

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