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Somehow I forgot to tell you the story of my jury selection experience of this past Monday. I arrived at the courts at 8:45 in the morning, as my summons had requested and joined roughly 200 fellow potential jurors. The day was filled primarily with waiting, with so much of the process leaving us on the sidelines. Rollcall, individual excuses, an overview of the coming trial and finally selection of a jury based on profession were interspersed by waits. Four hours were eaten up with the selection of 7 jurors for one civil trial, but what was most absurd was the case 200 of us put our life on hold for. We were there to potentially judge whether wrongdoing had taken place in woman who ran into a door vs. grocery store chain. I was thankfully not picked, through the luck of the draw, and saved giving 9 days to that.

I enjoy quirky visualizations, such as We Feel Fine, that turn data into art. In a world of limitless access to data, finding ways to parse it all and create meaning is rewarding. One recent discovery I made in this field was Packet Garden a program that collects data about how the internet is accessed on our computer and creates interactive worlds based on that data. More fun than practical, it immediately impressed upon me the potential projects like this offer for making data more accessable.

This week I made a switch from NucleusCMS to WordPress. I had been using Nucleus for years but was finally won over by Word Press and its stronger community and feature set. I still need to make some changes to my photo setup, and there will sadly be some dead links, but I’m very happy with the upgrade. I’ll also be undergoing a move to a new hosting service before the end of the month, so please forgive any growing pains I’ll be undergoing.

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