Gods, Darts, Lamps and Visions

My namesake, Apollo, “has undiminished Beauty and Virility. You name it, he has it. Thoroughly sickening to us mere mortals.” That’s according to Godchecker, a hilarious mythological encyclopedia that makes light of gods and saints while also being informative. It’s a fun spot to peek around if you’re a bit of a myth geek like myself.

How did it take me so long to discover book darts? I’ve had a package of 100 for a week or so now and I can’t imagine how I enjoyed non-fiction without them. Being able to mark specific passages and lines without damaging or marking a book at all is a godsend! And the copper arrows are so striking and classy looking. I’m soon to dive into Integral Spirituality, and I know I’ll want to be returning to various parts of it once I’m done, as is the case with any book by Ken Wilber. I’ll be even more thankful for the book darts soon.

Anyone who visits my home should know I have a love for Jones Soda and collect the bottles it comes in. Now I finally have a practical use for those bottles filling my knickknack shelves; Instructables has a quick and easy project for turning a glass bottle into an oil lamp. This project will have to be added to a couple other crafts I’ve been putting off.

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