Patterns and Bubbles

I’ve decided to use this year to entrench some strong habits and really transform my patterns. I’ll dedicate each month to a daily task or practice that I want to continue with permanently. I started with a somewhat frivolous photo project in Project 365 for January and this month I’m working on daily resistance training, focusing on body weight resistance and altering my diet to include more foods for strength.I’ll essentially be doing “10 Days to a Better Life“. This approach splits the process of starting a new habit into three very manageable sections and encourages experimentation.

I ‘m entirely enamoured with the process of becoming more capable of enacting and expressing the Good, the True and the Beautiful in as many capacities (self, culture and nature) as possible. Every addition to my Integral Life Practice, whether core features like the resistance training, or auxilary bits like my daily photography, offers a way to expand the scope of my responsibility and capability in the face of the future. It’s also tremendously fun to challenge myself toward greater authenticity through a lifestyle that is not partial.

Truth, in the broadest sense, means being attuned with the real. To be authentically in touch with the true, and the good and the beautiful. Yes?
– Ken Wilber, via Zaadz

I just discovered and have used it to start mapping out the monthly new patterns I’ll be starting. It has an intuitive interface and makes really slick bubble charts. Mapping out my plans like this and using 43 Things to set goals are real assets in structuring the ways I’m improving my life. Since starting to make concrete planning routines, I’ve noticed a stark difference in my followthrough on tasks.

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