Vast Hearts

On Valentine’s Day I spent the evening with Gwen. She prepared a wonderful meal and we shared a cozy and wonderful night together. It was the first Valentine’s Day I’d spent with someone I was in love with for several years, and was a nice change. I can’t imagine the two of us having a better night, honestly.

That night she gave me gifts of cookies, an Om and hearts pillow, and a fantastic punk padlock heart choker from Pixel Girl Shop. The choker has a working lock and key and looks fantastic.

I’m still brainstorming for International Dress-Up Day, but I’ve pretty much settled on “They Stood Up For Love“. This is largely because I want to use the choker and am envisioning some sort of soldier of love.

Stay fed to see how I.D.U.D. turns out.

2 comments on “Vast Hearts

  1. Instead of vast hearts, I think infinite hearts would have been a better option! 🙂 Congrats on having found the life of your life. I'm still searching for my soul mate…

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