They Stood Up For Love

Saturday was Gala‘s International Dress Up Day and I scrabled to get a look together for the Live song “They Stood Up For Love“, as the theme was “dress up as your favourite song”, and that’s the one I picked. I didn’t have a lot of time as I worked in the evening, had worked into the morning and had to fit sleep and errands into the mix. For a half hour effort, it turned out fair, but next time I’ll do some more preparation.

I’ll run down the props, clothing and such, for anyone interested. I wore shiny, patterned Thai fisherman’s pants, my custom (heart) integral shirt, the padlock choker and tiger’s eye and wooden malas Gwen gave me. The props are a toy cap gun with its barrel filled by a plastic flower and a cinnamon, clove and nutmeg candle. All told, it was an easy and quick setup.

Gala has already shared her fantastic International Dress Up Day “love casualty” adventures, but will be posting photos and stories from others soon. I’m looking forward to seeing what was created.

who put the flower in the barrel of that gun?
who lit the candle that started the fire,
burnt down the fortress, the throne?
who could house all the refugees in a single shack
or a lowly bungalow?
who lives in a different dimension, free from the struggles we know?I give my heart and soul to the one

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