In the Emergency Room

In the emergency room is not an ideal place to spend a lone day off.

Sunday morning I arrived home from work and stayed up to do some laundry, install Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on my laptop and have some food. After being asleep a couple hours I got a call from Gwen, who was at the emergency room. I rushed to get dressed and got a cab to meet her.

It turned out she’d been having high blood pressure and a high pulse rate and had been sent to the hospital after calling her GP. We spent the rest of the day, until nearly midnight, at the emergency room, waiting for her to see a doctor. We left without much resolved, and the cause of Gwen’s vision loss, heart abnormalities and other ailments remains in mystery.

It was a draining night for both of us, but Gwen seems to be holding together. I know it has to be incredibly hard to go through all she has in the past few months. I’m glad I can be there for her, even during days like that.

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