Questions and Reflections II

Take a few paragraphs to describe a perfect world.
My ideal future is transhumanistic and spiritual.
Through advances in technology and culture, life quality and length are maximized. All basic needs are met; housing, nourishment, healthcare (including psychological care) and spiritual guidance are available to everyone. Enhancements of our natural capacities and wellness enrich everyone’s lives, ending needs of lacking and allowing us to step into explorations of being.
We are constantly connected through the heir of the internet and are able to live with rich relationships spanning all varieties differences. Communities are vibrantly alive with people at every stage of development, but with a smooth transition offered up the spiral as high as possible.
We live lives increasingly in conscious service of evolution, bringing as much joy, wealth, wellness and diversity to the world as possible. We are lead by the wisest among us, the saintly elite, and follow in the footsteps of greatness into ever more surprising greatness.
We are never living like this but always inching closer.

What book are you reading right now?
I’m in the middle of Murakami Haruki‘s Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I fell in love with Haruki’s style while reading Norwegian Wood a couple years ago. His blend of fantastic and realistic elements in an accessable style endeared him to me immediately. So far this story is living up to all my expectations for his novels.

What’s one thing you know you could do to improve your health?
A lack of sleep is the biggest obstacle I have for better health. During each week there are several days I get less than an optimal amount of sleep and that snowballs by throwing off my tendency to exercise, eat well and otherwise maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’d like to secure 7-8 hours of sleep each day while still having time for my other commitments.

What, in your view, makes life meaningful?
Evolution makes life meaningful. Our ability to evolve to become more inclusive in our care, love, understanding and identity is so vast, mysterious and delightful that I can’t imagine being in the process of a better journey. From dust to divinity is quite a transformation, even if it’s only on the relative side of things.

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