Life Snippets

Writing about the specifics of my daily life often falls by the wayside here. I think that’s mostly for the best, but today I want to share some bits from my life.

Saturday night I attended a management party for the hotel I work at. Out in Enfield, after a limo ride, we gathered for food, drinks and talking. It was less boring than I was expecting and there was one moment that surprised me quite a lot.
During the course of the night’s conversation, Spencer, a new employee, asked me what sort of person I am. He guessed I was “a hard rocker.” I sarcastically agreed, knowing my look brings that to mind for a lot of people.
Sara piped up and said I was something of a philosopher and wrote poetically. Then our general manager, Shelly, joined in and said, “you have the website Frozen Truth.” It seems more people who know me in person have read my site.
It still feels strange to have such open expressions available for anyone to read here, and to actually have people I’d never expect to be reading knowing about it. It’s part of this brave new world of less walls around our personalities, I suppose. I’m glad there’s this outlet for people to discover more about me, and to maybe become tuned into some of the exciting things I’ve discovered, but it’s still jarring sometimes when I learn who’s reading here.

When I started working at this hotel, as it was under construction, I was given a pair of steel-toed work shoes and had been wearing them whenever I just needed something comfortable to walk in. They finally reached the end of their life, so I picked up a new pair of sneakers to replace them. It was my first new pair of sneakers in close to 3 years, as I’d been wearing mostly boots and dress shoes. There’s an odd feeling in changing a pair of shoes; after countless footsteps it’s liberating to start afresh.

Also on Monday, Mark and I had one of the greatest and geekiest IM exchanges yet.
Mark: You figured out what you’re going to do re: life/school/everything?
Apollo: 42.

Like so many others, I’ve become a Twit, and use Twitter to tweet. I’ll be using that to fill in the pieces of my personal life I’m not sharing directly in entries.

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