Questions and Reflections IV

I’ve been neglectful of these Zaadful questions. Here goes.

Write the obituary you’d like to receive.
Apollo became transparent to the divine, reaimed his evolution and lived a life that served to make the world more beautiful, good and true.

What are the top three most important things you’ve learned?

  • Love need never die or contract. Our unfolding can be an endless process of creating greater and greater love.
  • Becoming transparent to divinity should take place in all aspects of our lives, whether in the gym, the workplace or in bed.
  • Freedom and joy come with losing fears and attachments.

Describe yourself from another’s point of view.
I most often think others would see me as slightly distant, quiet, focused and serious. I’m surprised, however, by how frequently people can pick up on my other traits. My deep caring, playfulness, spiritualness and other less obvious traits come out as people get to know me. Still, some near-caricatures pop up; I’ve been compared to Jesus, The Undertaker and rock stars.

What is one movie that has changed your life? How?
Films have been less influential for me than books, so this one is tricky. The Fountain lit me up, though. Spiritual, mystic, death-facing, achingly beautiful and with immense depth, it’s as close to a perfect film as I’ve ever seen. Seeing it deepened my commitment to my practice and left me with a lingering sense of inspiration for days following that and helped me make some decisions regarding the direction I will be taking my life in.

What philanthropic organization would you start?
I’m very interested in and concerned about politics, so I would start an organization that would apply an AQAL approach to politics, especially in discerning type and stage differences. One of the main tasks would be to find existing good policy and use knowledge of development to present the policy in a way that would appeal to a large portion of the population. Discernment and strong marketing just might help policies be implemented, especially in places like Canada where we have what looks like a long period of minority governments ahead of us.

What’s the most important thing you own?
My laptop is easily the most important thing I own. It’s the one object I would feel lost without. I use it to communicate with many friends, to write, to read articles, to watch video, to listen to music, do banking and countless other important tasks. As my link to the internet, it’s like an extra eye. Without that connection to the world offered through the internet, it really does feel like a sense has been lost. This technology has become a vital part of my life, enriching it in ways I’m sure I don’t even realize.

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