Months Ahead

I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment. In the midst of a seven day stretch of work and having little time for my personal commitments, I find myself quite dissatisfied with my current setup. Not having time for exercise, reading, writing and meditation beyond the level that lets me barely keep up is frustrating.

It seems like I keep grabbing at time. There’s always some new obligation taking me away from my passions. Working a big block of days doesn’t help, surely, but I also sometimes find it hard to juggle time with friends while working on my growth and base of knowledge.

I’ve taken some initial steps toward shaking up my life, because I’m tired of letting myself idle when it comes to my working environment. I’ve applied to enroll in a psychology program at Dalhousie, where I studied computer science when I first went to university. I may have to wait until January to begin, but I’m very happy to be moving back into formal education, even if I do feel a healthy bit of trepidation.

Come September I hope to be either attending classes or at least having a work setup that works better with how I wish to be living. As much as I do enjoy the people I work with and the job itself, financially and in general structure it is becoming one of the biggest liabilities to moving forward with my life. Where I might work if school is put off until next year I’m not sure, but there are plenty of options that seem appealing. A fresh environment alone might be beneficial.

All I know is that clinging to old patterns won’t suffice much longer, so I might as well dive into change.

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