Holons Reborn

Holons reminds us that we and all things are “always partial, already whole“.

The site began as a monthly collection of articles, links and other bits viewed through an integral lens but has shifted to become a wonderful blog with an integral orientation. The content is filtered by fine editors and includes a superb range of content from the fascinating (see “A Post-Metaphysical Interpretation of Synchronicity“) to the lighthearted (see “Inside Joke“). The latest news about Integral Institute, Integral Life and Ken Wilber will be shared as well. I’ve been very impressed with this initial offering and am looking forward to seeing Holons reach its stride. This is already one of the richest sources of content going now.

Some highlights from Holons:
The Last Question
What is Integral Art to You?
Kevin Kelly’s Out of Control
Alan Watts and South Park

– Anything you can link to on the web is a “holon” (website, news item, blog post, book/movie review, etc.)
– The Integral community can then add their perspectives on any “holon” (1p x 3p, for the real AQAL geeks out there)…
– …as well as on each other’s perspectives! (1p x 1p x 3p)
– This gives us a sum total of 2p x 3p, or in lay terms, a we-space!

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