Video offerings online can be frustratingly hard to keep track of without a program like Miro. When I find a video podcast I enjoy, I just add it to my list of subscriptions on Miro and it downloads as soon as new episodes are released. If I often search for something on YouTube, I’ll just add the search to Miro and it will keep me updated on new videos. I can sit down and watch when I have the time and know everything has been taken care of so that I can just enjoy the videos. The interface is intuitive and the content offered through promoted channels is superb.

The best software products combine ease of use, aesthetics and wide functionality. When it comes to video, I rely on Miro to deliver most of what I watch online because it is the best combination of those three aspects of quality I’ve found. In addition to this, being open source, free and cross-platform (Miro supports Linux, MacOS and Windows) makes it a natural fit for me.

In place of DRM and proprietary formats, Miro uses the VLC video-engine to play practically every video format under the sun. It has over 2,700 channels of free content (and does extensive outreach to indie creators to get their material front-and-center in Miro’s excellent channel-guide). And it uses BitTorrent to download, which means that the creators you love won’t get clobbered by bandwidth bills when their videos get popular.
– “Miro 1.0: the free and open future of video on the net” Cory Doctorow

Miro provides a healthy model for what internet video delivery should be. It has rich features that make it easily one of the best video products available, and because it is open source and has a strong community behind it, it’s always improving. Free, fast, efficient, fun and beautiful can describe the software we choose to use, and with Miro available that choice is an easy one to make.

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Channels I watch on Miro:
Geek Brief – “Geek Brief TV is Shiny, Happy Tech News.”
Seed – Seed magazine’s video feed
Pulp Secret – “the world’s first comic book network”
Marvel/DC – parody “playing in Marvel and DC’s sandboxes”
Integral Naked – Integral Naked’s free YouTube channel, filled with superb content from the leading edge
Boing Boing TV – strange video from across the ‘net
Galacticast – “a comedy show parodying all the worlds of geek-dom”
Ask a Ninja – Ninja comedy at its best.
Pink: The Series – “Pink is a serialized dark comedy produced specifically for a web-based audience. … Think of it as a live-action graphic novel.”

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