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I bring along Spider Robinson‘s Spider on the Web podcast when I have time to do some listening as one of my staples. Science fiction, great music, technology, culture, space and a slew of other topics pop up and Spider offers cutting insight on it all. His readings of essays written for the H.R. Macmillan Space Centre are especially rewarding, as are his ‘casts on religion and global warming. There’s an integral lean to a lot of his stuff that I appreciate.

This week’s ‘cast has been one of my favourites, largely because it introduced me to David Crosby performing “Triad”, the finest song on polyamory I’ve heard, and Spider’s Lifehouse Trilogy, which explores ethics among non-theists.

This week I’m going to read you a portion of one of the three novels contained in the LIFEHOUSE TRILOGY, available now in a single hardcover volume from Baen Books. Chapter One of the novel LIFEHOUSE, the conclusion of the trilogy which was my attempt to come up with a reason to be a good man that did not require a god with thunderbolts up his sleeve to enforce it — what seems to me to be a rational man’s substitute for religion. Musical selections will be performed by Colin MacDonald, David Crosby, James Raymond, and Graham Nash.

I’ve mentioned and quoted Spider before in “My Enviornmental Stance” and “Stardancing“.

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