3 Words for 2010

I’ve selected quantified, simplified and intimate as three words to be the framework of my 2010. These words will serve as guides for my projects throughout the coming year; if an endeavor does not serve to deepen any of these words I will consider not doing it. I came upon the idea in Chris Brogan’s own 3 Words for 2010.

Over the last few years, I’ve practiced something I call “my 3 words,” where I come up with three words that I use as guidance for how I should conduct my efforts in the year to come. I set goals around these three words. I build deadlines and projects around these words. They don’t have to mean anything to you, but the process might prove interesting to you, especially if you’ve found goal-setting difficult in the past.

At the end of 2009 I began working more actively with the ideas of Total Recall and Quantified Self to track details about my life. By the end of the year I was keeping track of my diet, exercise, sleep and meditation daily and gaining some insights into my behaviours. The word quantified is to help me remember to add new ways of measuring my progress in building a better life. A concrete example of how this allows for goal setting is my plan to add one new area of subjective or objective tracking to my lifelogging each month; for January I had added mood tracking through the website Moodlog.

At heart I’m a minimalist, even though I’ve had a lot of clutter and stuff in my life. This year my life will become further simplified through embracing ememory to reduce my possessions to little other than what I can work with digitally. My unnecessary and clunky furniture like desks and shelves will be purged soon as well. I plan to take on commitments only if they enrich my life in an important way. I’ll be adding in more simplification projects as the year flows along and I prepare for another move.

In the past couple years many of my relationships have not been as strong and as warm as I aspire for them to be. There are many things that contributed to this, whether it was overextending myself in other activities, purely not communicating well and often, or not cultivating new friendships. I’ve been in a new province since September and have made no friends outside of work and I definitely want to change this trend. Throughout 2010 I’ll be developing a warmer presence, deeper and stronger ties with friends and just maybe finding a new romantic partner or two.


How about you, do you have three words to be beacons throughout 2010?

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