90 Sits in 90 Days

On the first of March I started iEvolve‘s 90 Sits in 90 Days challenge; for 90 days I will be meditating for one hour each day. The project aims to build an online practice community to support the 90 day commitment and seems to be off to a great start; I haven’t been able to participate in the community yet but a few looks at the discussions and help offered has impressed me.

Committing to a sustained practice for three months is the biggest challenge I’ve ever undertaken in meditation, but I’m thrilled with it so far. I’m 9 days in and I’m feeling invigorated by the dedication to practice. The personal and public commitment is helping me to stick with the practice without the excuses and forgetting that I experienced before when trying to make meditation part of each day.

Diane Musho Hamilton shared “Tips on Posture” on the first day of 90 Sits and it has been a great help. Sitting properly makes a world of difference. I would like to sit in full lotus eventually, and am following some exercises to ease into half and full lotus positions.

I’m thrilled to announce that we have over 150 practitioners taking the plunge. Collectively, that’s over 9,000 hours of meditative practice. Now there’s some inspiration for you! 😉

We will all be visiting this group daily to comment, engage, encourage, and support one another throughout our 90-Day Practice. This online vessel is our collective container for our practice. The more of us that engage together online, the stronger our container will be. It’s that simple.

Starting Monday, March 1st – Meditate 1 hour everyday for 90 days in a row. You can sit for 60-minutes straight, two 30-minute periods, or 3 20-minute periods. Whatever works for you. Either way, that’s 90 hours of meditation under your belt! Start Spring 2010 off right and re-energize your practice and your life with our 90 day meditation challenge.


As a participant you will be invited to engage in a daily, private online practice forum and group to comment, dialog, and discuss your meditative experiences and journey with our 90 Day Challenge participants. You’ll be given a FREE member profile and blog at iEvolve: Global Practice Community. All you need is a cushion!

Use our iEvolve global practice community for check-ins, feedback and to support you and your practice. This is the Ultimate Virtual Meditation Challenge!!


1. The 90-Day Meditation Challenge is a self-directed process. You sit each day for a total of one hour for ninety days in a row.

2. Each day, you visit our online group to dialog, engage, and exchange with our practice community. Utilize this online practice group to support, encourage, and inspire you to meet the 90-day Meditation Challenge!

3. If you have a specific question for a teacher, Virtual Interviews will be available throughout our 90 days together. Our iEvolve Spiritual Teachers, such as Diane Musho Hamilton, will be available for specific questions regarding your practice.

I’ve been using the Equanimity iPhone and iPod Touch application that I mentioned in “Lifelogging and Meditation” to add structure to my meditation sessions and it has proven to be an indispensable aid in developing a mediation practice.

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