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Today I’m opening up my online world. I want to take more steps to connect with new friends, reconnect with old friends and deepen connections I have with friends I do keep in touch with. So I’m sharing all my contact information and social network details here so that you can get in touch with me at any time and follow what I do.

This week I have been reviewing my 3 Words for 2010. I am pleased with the changes I have made in my life, but I want to focus more on being intimate. We have a wealth of ways to connect online and I want to narrow my participation down to some of the best services, with the best communities and dive in deeper. Come join me.

I blog at Frozen Truth about “what it means to live a life rooted in integral consciousness”, lifestream through Apollo Lemmon and play around with data at Dynamic ID. I keep an online card at DooID.


You can reach me online through any of the following channels.

I am active at the following websites and services; I would be happy to interact with you on them.

 Facebook: Apollo Lemmon

 Twitter: apollolemmon

 Google Buzz: frozentruth

 Youtube: frozentruth frozentruth

 Goodreads: Apollo Lemmon

 Daytum: apollolemmon

 Picasa: frozentruth

I am often available to talk on the following chat networks.

 Facebook: Apollo Lemmon / apollo.lemmon


 AIM: frozentruth


 Yahoo: frozen_truth

 Skype: frozentruth

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