90 Sits Later

In March I began meditating for an hour each day. It has been hard to stick with the program, but the challenge has altered my meditation practice significantly.

Before these three months of sitting, I had a very sporadic practice that included at most a few hours of practice in any week. Sitting in meditation has finally become a comfortable and maintainable part of my days and I expect to maintain it going forward.

I read and re-read meditation books while I was doing the 90 Sits in 90 Days project, and I listened to great audio meditation instructions. The resource that was most illuminating for me was Shinzen Young‘s The Science of Enlightenment. Shinzen Young has a wonderfully direct and insightful way of explaining Buddhism and meditation, and I was lit up by the time I had finished listening to the audio program. The Science of Enlightenment is the clearest, most practical presentation of Buddhism and meditation that I have encountered and Shinzen Young is, without a doubt, one of the most skillful teachers of dharma we have.

More than 90 meditation sessions later, I feel that I am more focused and more committed than ever to lifelong meditation. Meditation fosters growth, focus and compassion, making us more capable human beings, and I am endlessly grateful to have started on the path.

“So we might be meditating by ourselves, but it’s not just for ourselves.”
~Lama Surya Das, “Buddha Is as Buddha Does

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