What Happened to Frozen Truth?

It is June 2010 and I am retiring the name that my blog has had for more than 7 years. I decided to unify my online identity and I want to bring my writing to my ApolloLemmon.com and Lifestreamer.ca domains. It feels a bit strange to be folding up that part of my life, but it’s also liberating.

Frozen Truth began as a phrase in a novel I played with writing when I was 17. I travelled from Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia to Ottawa, Ontario with a group of people and during that trip the idea for an allegorical fantasy story came to me surprisingly fully formed. It was the strangest experience I had with my own fiction. I never finished getting the story out into words, but for years I reshaped it and worked to understand the characters and themes I had invented.

I carried the two words with after the story was left behind. My first blog had the name, and several early websites I created did as well. Frozen Truth, in several altered forms, became an internet handle that I still use for some sites and services. I’ve had a long run with Frozen Truth, and I’m sure it will linger here and there in my online life, but now it’s tucked inside a larger presense. You will find the archives of Frozen Truth among my lifestream entries here from today forward.

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