Lifelogging Again

Three months ago I was lifelogging every day and keeping a good record of my activities at Daytum. Around the time I moved back to Nova Scotia I fell out of the habit of recording my eating, sleeping, exercising and meditating activities. Since then I have allowed myself to neglect lifelogging during the transition involved in returning to Halifax. Now I am looking forward to beginning again on September 1st.

This time I will be trying an alternative to Daytum, the flashier and more social zeaLOG.

In very few words, zeaLOG is a site for keeping track of anything and everything. Users track things either publicly or privately, and can either go it alone, or work in groups to see how they stack up against other folks. Users are tracking exercise, weight, how often they fight with their mother, what movies they watch, their Coke Zero habits, even how often they have sex (those are usually private). Nothing works like peer pressure and encouragement. ~zeaLOG

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on zeaLOG. Looks pretty cool. Have to use the web site to update, though, eh? No iPhone app? And I see they haven't been too active on their blog or Twitter account lately. Is the company viable?

  2. Oh OK. I see you can update via Twitter. That's cool. Does the @name have to come first? Hmm… probably. Too bad. It'd be nice if you could just “cc” the logging account so that the tweet would be seen by all my followers.

  3. zeaLOG seems more alive than Daytum, the better known lifelogging site; Daytum has not been updated in months.

    I will be using the webapp for the site because I now have an Android phone and it is almost as fast to use a site as it is to use an app.

  4. Hi Guys,

    You actually can DM your zeaLOG updates if you like to @zealogupdate The @ messages may be more useful for the less private type updates.. 🙂 There isn't an iphone app, though there is an iPhone specific mobile site.

    Site is definitely viable. It is a labor of love, but doesn't pay the bills, so our day jobs take priority, unfortunately. The blog and twitter is embarrassingly out of date, you are correct. Happy to answer questions for you! We built the site because we needed a site like zeaLOG to use ourselves. It's just awesome to see it work for other folks as well.

    emily @ zeaLOG

  5. Ah-ha! I was trying and wasn't able to log in, but since you said there was an iPhone-specific site, I tried, and it works like a charm. 🙂 But maybe this should be made more clear on the main web site somewhere. Or make it detect the type of mobile device automatically and go to the appropriate site. Anyway, I've got a bookmark on my home screen now, so all sorted.

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