Podcast Selections: Integral Chicks and Weird, Weird Stories

I was setting up some automated podcast downloading across my devices today and I thought I should share some of the podcasts I have added to my weekly story and idea soak.

Integral Chicks

Kelly Sosan Bearer and Nicole Fegley recently fired up a new integral podcast, Integral Chicks. It’s engaging, funny, fun, wisdom-rich and deliciously integral. Each of the three guests so far —Marci Davis, Clint Fuhs and Sofia Diaz— have been brilliant and thrilling.

We are both passionate about the Integral movement – the emerging worldspace of conscious individuals who care about development, increasing awareness, authenticity, multiple perspectives, and a better understanding of our world – and fundamentally just living more good, true, and beautiful lives. We have both lived and worked at the heart of the movement for many years, side-by-side in the trenches with the best Integral teachers, experiencing what Integral truly means and offers, while at the same time having witnessed (and been caught up in) the pitfalls and projections of the leading – bleeding edge. We’ve produced over 40 personal, professional, and spiritual events, and studied Integral Theory for decades. We’ve, in essence, grown up Integral (and despite the claims of some well-meaning new agers, NO, we were not born that way!). We believe that’s a uniquely new perspective to share.

… we decided to create a show and web offering that highlights:

The hilarity of it all…we believe if we can’t laugh, we’re truly f*****ed!
The amazing projects, initiatives, thought, practices, and simple and elegant wisdom that is emerging out of the 20-40ish crowd.
The continued unfolding of the great wisdom in the always-already amazing teachers in the Integral community, particularly as it can be directed to the next generation!
And of course…our Unique Lovin’ Ways!
The free website and podcast will feature fun and useful bite-size segments and exercises that will get you laughing, thinking, and practicing your way to a stronger and freer You. Think Car Talk for the human vehicle. Each show will also have a short interview featuring kick-ass wisdom from the younger Integral generation (the iGens) or advice for the next generation from a wide array of Integral teachers we love, admire, and have a lot to learn from.

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

Dunesteef, the mad creation of Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich, has quickly become one of my favourite fiction podcasts because of its excellent production values and wonderfully strange selection of short stories. The stories often feature multiple great voice actors and come from all over the speculative fiction field. My favourite story so far was “The Lost Boy Of The Ozarks” by Steve Friedman, so I recommend that as an excellent starting point.

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine is what its name says it is. We produce audio files of fiction stories for people to listen to. Check them out, they’re free to download. Share them with your friends, the more people who listen, the better.

Our focus is on our favorite genres, namely: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. However, we will not limit our listeners to this narrow classification. If a story is good, but contains no elements of SF/F/H, we will still produce it for our listeners to enjoy. After all, it’s good to have a little variety in one’s diet. While pizza and Coke are wonderful, and good enough for daily consumption (in my mind), even a fatso like me wants an apple or an orange or even (gasp!) a salad once in a while. In other words, The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine hopes to bring you a nice variety of fiction to please your ears and invigorate your mind and soul.

Uvula Audio

Uvula Audio is a beast of a podcast: it releases full books split into weekly podcasts. Those books are often genre classics from authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Lester Dent, Jack London, Thomas Merton, L. Frank L. Baum, P.G. Wodehouse, and E.E. Doc Smith. I’m currently enjoying the audiodrama of Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness.

Our mission statement is very simple. We want to bring you the highest quality audiobooks and podcasts absolutely gratis. The Uvula Audio crew has their roots in academia, and we believe in delivering all we can to get the signal out to you. Whether we are sending you audio books or restaurant reviews, we promise to keep you entertained.

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