Cory Doctorow’s With a Little Help

Cory Doctorow has established himself as one of science fiction’s most important voices, and With A Little Help is a marvelous showcase of some of his best short stories. A lot of attention has been paid to the fact that this book has been self-published, but the real value of this collection is the high quality of stories Cory has been writing in the past few years and the wonderful range of methods, sub-genres and themes he employs. Anyone concerned with how technology impacts us will find a rich discussion embedded in an even richer storytelling voice in many of these stories. My personal highlights include “The Right Book”, “Human Readable”, and “Epoch”. The book is available in print and in free ebook and audiobook formats at The audiobook is especially exciting, because it includes readings by Neil Gaiman, Mur Lafferty, Spider Robinson and Wil Wheaton.

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