Graceless 1.5

Graceless has released a .5 issue in zine form with content from both its first issue and upcoming second issue. The zine includes a reprint from the first issue, new music reviews, a piece on the meanings of words such as Goth and gothic, and a piece about the important personal value of the Goth movement.

Issue 1.5 is available as a free PDF download.

We know that the wait for issue has been long. In the meantime, we present Graceless .5 with new articles and reviews of current releases from No Red Seas, Haus Arfana, ohGr, Branes, March Violets, Monica Richards, Primary Colors and Skinny Puppy, and cover art from Beatrice Schleyer. Download a PDF of Graceless 1.5 here.

Upcoming material in Graceless Issue includes interviews with Primary Colors, Monica Richards, Nomadic War Machine, Bestial Mouths and Belltower Bats, and Darkrad as well as a review of the Laibach and Neue Slovenische Kunst activities in London 2012. We also have contributions covering “Art from Madness”, “Real Life Vampires” (we’re serious!), “Tarot for Goths”, another installment of correspondence between Prof. Fether and Isis, more photography from Beatrice Schleyer, and coverage of recent actions by radical goths.

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