District of Wonders

I have been listening to StarShipSofa, the Hugo Award winning science fiction podcast, for years. It has always thrilled me with great science fiction audio stories, fact articles and Tony C. Smith’s contagious enthusiasm for the genre. Tony has launched three companion podcasts for horror, pulp and mystery stories and they all have the kinds of high quality production values and great story selection that have made StarShipSofa the best science fiction podcast being produced.

The four ‘casts are showcased at District of Wonders, a landing page featuring recent episodes from each. The tagline, “Everyone has a story in the District of Wonders, come find yours,” is a suitable invitation for these celebrations of genre fiction.

Tales to Terrify, the horror ‘cast, is hosted by Larry Santoro, one of my favourite narrators. His story “So Many Tiny Mouths” was featured in the most recent episode and has long been a favourite of mine.

Tales to Terrify host Larry Santoro has the perfect voice for horror. He’s the Vincent Price of podcasts! -Jason Sanford

Protecting Project Pulp revisits classic adventure stories from pulp magazines. So far, the stories have featured pirates, floating bread, Jack London’s romantic vision of nature and fish people. “Bread Overhead” by Fritz Leiber is the one story I enjoyed most.

Do you feel your pulse quickening, that heady rush of excitement? That is the call to Adventure! Each week, Dave Robison opens the door to danger, thrills, and suspense through the tales of legendary storytellers from the glory days of pulp fiction.

StarShipSofa has provided hundreds of hours of science fiction content and was very deserving of the Hugo Award it received. The narrated stories are expertly done, but the fact articles that explore genre history and science fact set it apart from other audio fiction magazines. Kim Stanley Robinson’s “The Timpanist of the Berlin Philharmonic” was a recent highlight of the sofa.

Climb aboard the StarShipSofa and let intrepid Captain Tony C. Smith take you on a voyage of wonder! This vessel’s cargo hold is filled with the latest & greatest in science fiction short stories, and her engine is fuelled by the finest narrators in all of known space.

Not being a mystery or crime buff, I have to admit that I haven’t delved into Crime City Central yet. I do trust in Tony’s stewardship and have no doubt it’s of the same quality as the others.

Step into the world of Inspector Jack Calverley who spends his time reviewing cases, new and old, solved and unsolved, intriguing and sometimes shocking. Every week he introduces you to the stories he uncovers from a wide range of authors and narrators from the files at CrimeCityCentral.

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