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I’ve been reading some webcomics for more than a decade, but I often learn of comics after they have been publishing for a long while. I don’t often have time to go through hundreds of pages of a comic in a single sitting or the patience to play around with bookmarks as I go through comic archives. It was a pain to become a reader of established comics.

Comic Rocket has created a great solution for catching up on comics without dealing with the mess that exploring archives can create. The site can work as a bookmarking service that keeps track of reading progress or generate an RSS feed that delivers a customized number of pages on selected days of each week. I do most of my daily reading through RSS feeds with Google Reader, and it has been nice to add new comics into my daily reading.

One aspect of the service I appreciate is that the implantation is respectful of the comics’ creators. It serves up the original pages so that any advertisements, news or other content the creators wish to share are retained.

We’re working hard to make Comic Rocket a tool that helps creators reach more readers and helps readers find more comics.

This project is a labor of love that has grown out of our awe and admiration of the comics medium and its creators. We love comics and understand creators’ rights intimately. We will never do anything to harm creators or take advantage of them.

We aim to be the most comprehensive list of online comics anywhere, becoming a sort of Google for digital comics. Our whole purpose is to share the discovery of webcomics and recommend them and we will pass that traffic on to every creator undiluted. We show their comic exactly as the creator intends because we take readers directly to the creator’s site.

If you’d like to get started with Comic Rocket, I recommend the following comics:

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