I normally avoid fantasy in favour of science fiction when  reading speculative fiction, and find little time for epic fantasy when I do. Ashley Cope‘s Unsounded, however, won me over.

It’s an expertly drawn webcomic with a cast of characters with wide motivations and a very satisfying story. It’s an irreverent comic that feels fresh and blends adventure and humour gracefully.

The entire comic is available to read on its website, and is available at Comic Rocket for RSS serialization from page one or for automated bookmarking.

Daughter of the Lord of Thieves, Sette Frummagem is on a mission, and she’ll lie, cheat, and steal to make sure it’s a success (she’ll lie, cheat, and steal anyway). Condemned to aid her in her rotten endeavours is a rotten corpse who seems oddly talented with the supernatural, and oddly not laying motionless in the dirt.

The road is long and no one is what they seem. Never trust a thief, and never trust anyone who won’t let you look into their eyes.

Unsounded is a donation-supported free graphic novel by Ashley Cope. It falls into the Epic Fantasy Adventure genre, with occasional forays into the horrific, the profane, and the goofy.

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