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Comics about food have been coming onto my reading lists a lot recently and that has been delightful. Alisa Harris‘ charming Cooking Up Comics features recipes delivered in comic form every Wednesday. The recipes are all vegetarian or vegan and the vegetarian ones often either include alterations for making the dishes vegan or have obvious substitutions. A nice touch is that the recipes are seasonal, so the ingredients are usually easy to find when the comic is posted.

Some recipes I liked:

This site combines two of my favorite things: drawing comics and vegetarian cooking. Even if you’re not a strict vegetarian, we can all benefit from eating more vegetables. Cooking Up Comics will give you some delicious new recipes to try out. Get ready to impress that vegetarian friend, family member, or significant other with some great main courses, sides and desserts!

Each week you’ll find a new recipe for the current growing season. Although you can find most of the ingredients in a regular grocery store year round, I encourage you to seek out locally grown vegetables. This is getting easier in cities thanks to Farmers’ Markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs).

I am by no means a professional chef. While in high school, I once ruined a batch of instant pudding. From a box. So if I learned how to cook, that means you can too! I hope this site encourages you to try your own recipe variations and to be creative in the kitchen.

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