Girls with Slingshots

One of the earliest forms of comics I encountered while growing up was slice of life daily comic strips in newspapers. I understand now that most of these were horribly unfunny, but the format is still appealing. Danielle Corsetto‘s Girls With Slingshots is what those daily strips could have been if they were reliably funny, uncensored and about the kinds of people I actually have around me.

Girls With Slingshots‘ greatest asset is its strong cast of characters. Diversity of background and life situations make the stories created around the characters feel rich and realistic while allowing for the absurdities necessary for comedy. The appearance of strange plant and animal characters are often used to great effect in contrast to the more mundane relationship and daily life dramas that are usually the focus of the series.

The comic has more than 2000 pages, so I recommend either starting with recent strips or using Comic Rocket for RSS serialization from page one.

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