Dollar Shave Club

Shaving has been a part of my life I haven’t ever really enjoyed. I don’t like having facial hair and the act of shaving has always been unpleasant in one way or another, so it has been a no-win situation for years. Finding a set of blades that was affordable, gave a close shave, didn’t irritate my skin and fit right in my hands felt impossible.

When I subscribed to Dollar Shave Club it seemed my shaving fortunes had been reversed. The razors are better than any of the expensive disposables I’ve used in the past; the shave is close and comfortable and the handle feels truly solid. The price is really impressive: I had the superb four-bladed 4X model with 4 replacement cartridges shipped to my house for $6.50 and happily upgraded to the Executive model that has 6 blades for a few dollars more. The subscription model means I can have the blades shipped every month or every other month without having to worry about forgetting picking up a new razor.

The convenience and simplicity of the Dollar Shave Club service has won me over. Now if only they’d expand into tooth brushes I’d be set.

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