Something Positive

I’ve been reading Something Positive since its early days, starting sometime in 2002. It’s been the one webcomic I’ve stuck with and which continued over the past decade. I think that much of that commitment is owed to Randy Milholland’s obvious work ethic, irreverent humour and a cast of characters that reflect the best and worst traits we can have.

Something Positive has followed the lives of a core group of friends and the people who encounter them through nearly 3000 pages. Through all of this time the characters have grown —or not!— and have provided a rich ground for funny situations and genuinely touching moments. Through it all the biting sarcasm,  irreverent jokes and comical meanness have remained to temper the growth characters have undergone. Through it all, it has always been fun to read.

It’s easy to jump right into reading Something Positive with new strips, but it is available using Comic Rocket for RSS serialization from page one. Randy also publishes the very funny Rhymes with Witch and Super Stupor on the same page.

Something*Positive is the story of a few friends – namely Davan, Aubrey, PeeJee, and Jason – and their daily lives, struggles, and the occasional mass catgirl cataclysm. The story began in Boston in 2001. Since then, it’s expanded to Texas, California, and a few other nightmares along the way.

These are people you know, although you may not admit it. It’s just a comic about trying to live you life and bringing a few friends with you so you don’t kill anyone. At least, not anyone you might get in trouble for.

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