Moon Town

Steve Ogden‘s Moon Town has the feel of a classic pulp science fiction story. It features a space pilot and miners on the moon, and is peppered with oversized characters and situations. The art has a sketchy feel but is still very polished. It’s an utterly absorbing and charming take on space adventure.

Steve is currently re-releasing pages weekly as he updates the original strip that ran from 2009 to 2011 and plans to continue the story on into a full graphic novel.

The first print issue of Moon Town is available now and the first 39 pages of the remade comic can be read online. An interview with Steve about his work on the comic and elsewhere was published as “Steve Ogden: To Moon Town and Back” at Don’t Pick the Flowers.

The year is 2087. Earth has been mined into a shell, so mankind is mining the moon. But when ore shipments begin vanishing amid rumors of pirates, a new sheriff comes to town in the form of rookie security guard Cassandra Quinn. When she meets a hallucinating lunar miner and discovers a race of aliens living in the shadow of the refinery, can she solve the mystery of the missing ore? Or will she find out too much? Some secrets can get you killed…

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