The Abaddon

I first encountered Koren Shadmi‘s work through some superb illustrations he did for a number of magazines. Pieces such as “Summer Reads” blew me away when I first saw them and I followed his work for a while. I was thrilled when I discovered he was working on the webcomic The Abaddon, which maintains his high quality of art work.

The comic follows an amnesiac protagonist who arrives at a strange apartment building, interacts with its strange inhabitants and stumbles through mysteries. What he uncovers is bizarre, shifting and riveting.

The Abaddon updates twice each week and can be read as an RSS digest through Comic Rocket.

The Abaddon is a bi weekly web comic series, which started in January 2011. The comic tells the story of Ter, who finds himself trapped in a bizarre apartment with a group of ill matched roommates. He quickly discovers his new home is really strange type of prison – an ornate puzzle he needs to solve in order to escape. Ter also realizes that he is missing a crucial part of his memory and identity and decides he must try and uncover his obscure past.

I’ve always wanted to make a comic in which I could draw and write almost anything without restrictions – The Abaddon turned out to be that comic. Loosely based on Jean Paul Sartre’s existential play ‘No Exit’ – The Abaddon became a place where I could push characters to the extreme and experiment with a new kind of narrative.

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