Living with a Chromebook

Friday night I bought a Samsung Chromebook and since then I have been using it, along with my Nexus 7 tablet and my Galaxy Nexus phone, for all my computer activities. For a $250 computer, it’s very impressive. The build quality is very high, the performance is equal to any other computer I’ve recently used and the battery life is more than adequate to use all day. I couldn’t be happier with it.

A Chromebook runs Google’s ChromeOS, which is a Linux-based operating system that presents the Chrome browser and not much else. This is perfect for me because everything I do on a computer I do online. I use products like Google Drive, Google Play Music and Feedly for a lot of my daily activities, and they work well in the browser or when synced onto my tablet and phone. The ability to switch seamlessly between devices is something I value highly and the Chromebook is ideal for that.

Before getting the Chromebook I was using my tablet and phone exclusively when away from work, and that served me very well. Having the larger screen and keyboard allows me to more comfortably write, read and watch content. It compromises some portability for a larger work and play environment. For now, I’m enjoying a three device life.

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