This project combines illustration and urbanism, two of my favourite things.

This project combines illustration and urbanism, two of my favourite things.

“Think of a City is a new storytelling project, where a number of artists from around the world build a city, page by page. Feel free to walk our streets and take a coffee in one of our cafes. Who knows what you might see, or the strange events you might chance across?

Part serious architectural investigation, part international art collaboration, for fun, for eventual exhibition, to work together, to see what happens, Think of a City is a mass storytelling project. Join us on a Dérive to experience this city of the imagination, told page by page, by storytellers from around the world. We’ll take in the multiple scales and facets of urban life to build a communal tale.

Our project is an opportunity for creators to bring the background to the forefront, and to delve into ideas of setting, place, design, geography, politics, architecture, materiality, mise-en-scène and much more besides, within storytelling. It will take time. Comics provide linear stories, but the urban environment is something different: non linear, multi-layered, complex, communal. We’d like to prove that cities are so much more than cityscapes. Every place has its story and every story has its place, but we can’t tell all the tales in this metropolis. If we have maps, they will be partial. This said, we can take you inside the most private rooms and fly above the rooftops, going from public to private in an instant.”

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