Yesterday I started using Nintendo’s Wii Fit U ( http://wiifitu.

Yesterday I started using Nintendo’s Wii Fit U ( ), the latest edition of the company’s incredibly successful Wii Fit series of fitness games. Along with the game I picked up the Wii Fit U Fit Meter, a $20 gadget that activates the game in full and includes a pedometer, altometer, and thermometer.

The Fit Meter is quite accurate and was able to match the step count on my phone (I use Moves from within a couple hundred paces when I went on a 11500 step walk. When I was done with my morning walk I was able to sync the meter with my Wii U console and add the data to the fitness profile created there.

Over the past month I revisited first Wii Fit and then Wii Fit Plus on my Wii U in anticipation of the new release. I found a lot I liked in both and I was pleased that Wii Fit U builds on the best parts of the previous games. The new game was able to import my previous data, so my weight and activity records carried forward.

Wii Fit U adds new activities and new methods to motivate players to be more active. It’s a very well designed suite of fitness tools and has Nintendo’s usual attention to detail in evidence throughout. There is much more to it than I could write in this brief review, but it’s a superb product that I wholeheartedly recommend.

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