Ryan Estrada’s The Whole Story is one of my favourite comics experiences ever.

Ryan Estrada’s The Whole Story is one of my favourite comics experiences ever. Ryan put together two pay-what-you-want comics collections in 2012 and 2013 that were overflowing with great work. He’s going bigger for 2014 and if you love comics like I love comics you’ll want in.

“Our last name-your-price drm-free digital comics bundle was a huge hit. But people didn’t want the fun to end! Backers asked if we would do a comic-of-the-month club. Well, I don’t do half measures. And I want to do something bigger than we’ve ever done before. So this year I’ve put together a comic-of-the-fortnight club.

Get a brand new digital comic every two weeks, for up to a full year!

Broken Telephone is 18 books illustrated by 18+ artists. You can read any book you want whenever you want, but if you read them in order, something amazing happens. Each character is the hero of their story, and the villain of someone else’s. They never meet, and everyone does what they think is right, but together they do a whole lot of wrong.”

“Average Handling Time by Rachel Dukes

Backscatter by Brittney Sabo

The Gecko’s Tail by Irena Frietas

Unfriendly Act by Ryan Estrada

Grievous Harm by E.A. Denich

Shark Hacking by KC Green

Threat Language by Amanda LaFreinas

Restricted Items by Justin Peterson

High Risk Driver by Elias Ericson

Exceptional Circumstances by Carolyn Nowak

Cell Warrior by Kelly Bastow

Savior Complex by Will Kirkby

Unattended Minor by Amy T. Falcone

Isolation Zone by Chad Thomas

Foreign Object Damage by Maya Kern

Dual Criminality by Dan Ciurczak and JR Robinson

Ancillary Orders by Tauhid Bondia

Disengaged by Matt Cummings

Each Broken Telephone book is 12-24 pages of action, comedy, drama, farce, horror, adventure, or some strange combination thereof. You’ll get your choice of drm-free retina-resolution PDFs or CBZs delivered to your inbox every two weeks. “


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