Last year Birdbone Theatre ( http://birdbonetheatre.

Last year Birdbone Theatre ( ) performed a wonderful puppet show in our living room and now they’ll be touring Ontario with The Tar Sands Dragon Opera. 

Aleksandra and Alison are delightful, talented people. They deserve your support and presence at their shows. 

“BIRDBONE THEATRE TOURS LINE 9 with the TAR SANDS DRAGON OPERA! Here is our fundraiser video:

Birdbone Theatre

We need your help to help fund our February tour! We will tour Line 9 from Sarnia, Ontario to Sherbrooke, QC from Feb. 1st – 28th!

Please watch and share with your friends and family! Ways you can donate:

1. Go to

2. Press the DONATE button on our homepage

3. Deposit money into our secure Paypal account

Other ways to help:

Share this video with your friends and family!

Give us contacts along the way!”

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