Poorcraft is one of my favourite comics.

Poorcraft is one of my favourite comics. It’s a comic about living a good life while spending little. It’s available in print and as a digital volume, but it’s also being serialized online. 

“Hi, folks! Welcome to the webcomic debut of Poorcraft.

Poorcraft was Kickstarted in 2009, completed in 2012, and now I’m posting it online for everyone to enjoy. I’ll be updating it every day with a new page until the whole comic’s been posted. Where applicable, I’ll be adding comments and updating sections here in the text section.

This should take a few months. About five, to be exact. If you’d rather not wait, you can always buy Poorcraft from my store, in PDF and softcover format, or from Amazon, softcover or on Kindle. or both! Go crazy!

Thanks again to all the folks who made this book possible. that goes double for the picnicking trio on the cover, the three top project backers. Literally couldn’t have done it without you, folks.”


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