Profile on NDP Candidate Lisa Roberts

LocalXpress (written by striking Chronicle Herald staff) has a profile on Lisa Roberts, our NDP candidate in the Halifax Needham by-election. Her dedication to promoting affordable housing is tremendously important in a part of the city that is losing homes to anti-community developments. I voted for Lisa last weekend because we need more voices that will put people first and not continue to push misguided cuts and inaction on real problems as the Liberals have done.

Roberts sees access to affordable housing as one of the major issues facing residents of Halifax’s north end.

“And affordable housing through the whole spectrum, up to people who have quite good incomes. I worry about people on income assistance, people who are working at a minimum wage that is too low to afford a rent in the north end; I worry about people even making modest incomes who still can’t afford to buy a place in the north end,” she said.

“I want those people to be my neighbours. I want a lot of different people to be my neighbours, because that’s part of what makes this neighbourhood wonderful is the diversity.”

Lisa Roberts aims to keep Halifax Needham for NDP

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