Nick Cave on Becoming Vegetarian

Nick Cave (of Grinderman, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and The Birthday Party) has been writing a blog since September of 2018 at The Red Hand Files. It’s fascinating to read his responses to questions from fans of his work, and it is a joy to read anything written by someone who has the uncanny intimacy with language that Nick does.

I’ve enjoyed The Red Hand Files as a whole, but the second most recent post, answering “What made you become a vegetarian?“, is especially poignant. His interpretation of suffering is sharp and important.

We must live our lives in such a way as to make better, even in the smallest way, the situation that we are currently experiencing. This is what it means to ‘take on the suffering of the world’ – that we each act in accordance with the limits of our own personal capacity for good. By doing this, the lives around us will become incrementally better and therefore, so will our own lives, and the life of the world itself.

ISSUE #39 / MAY 2019 | What made you become a vegetarian?

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