Archie & Friends Travel #1

I read about a new Archie comic back in October that would feature the gang visiting countries including Canada and the Philippines. I picked it up today out of curiosity and was a bit surprised by the contents.

I really like the rebooted Archie series and the horror comics line that Archie Comics has been producing. I had forgotten the tone and out of time nature of the classic-style comics it still produces. It was a little jarring to read that style again.

Travel ‘round the globe with Archie and the gang! See the world–from The Archies on tour in the Philippines, to Raj’s documentary in India, a quick layover with Reggie in Rome and finally B&V getting some royal treatment in Canada!

Archie & Friends Travel #1

The opening story is set in the Philippines and features a famous destination and a a single panel featuring the Manila skyline, but doesn’t otherwise use the setting in any meaningful way.

The stories set in Rome and India are pretty much in the same vein. The one set in Canada is shocking. I know that this comic must have been made months ago, but even so it was bizarre. The story has Veronica fantasizing about seducing Prime Minister Trudeau, who was outed as a serial blackface and brownface wearer, embroiled in a corruption scandal and otherwise is just an awful politician.

Here we even miss out on the best part of the comic, the better cover that is exclusive to the Philippines:

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