DJ Riko’s Years of Merry Mixmas

I get bored with most Christmas music, so I like to find clever alternative takes. DJ Riko has been making hour-long Chirstmas mixes, called Merry Mixmas, each year since 2002 and because I only learned about them this year, I’ve had the joy of discovery with each of them.

In 2002, I knocked together a Christmas mix on a whim and sent CD copies to a couple dozen friends and family members. When the mix started bouncing around the Internet and got played on the Back to the Basics radio show in Hamburg, Germany, I realized I was on to something. Merry Mixmas has since become a holiday tradition for people all over the world. Each edition is a continuous mix of Christmas music spanning multiple musical genres and multiple decades. They’re all free for the downloading, so take as many as you want.

Christmas Mixes

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