Disability Justice

I definitely have gaps in my awareness of aspects of disability justice, and I’m sure just about all of us do, so I was happy to see a great introduction to why it is important to inform our politics with a consideration of access from the latest episode of Srsly Wrong. The episode features writer and scholar Lateef McLeod, who brought important lived experience and research to the discussion.

Warning: We can’t have true liberation of all people without disability justice. We should realize the intrinsic value of everyone no matter how their body or mind is constructed to imagine a world that is accessible and welcoming for everyone. So we all will get free together.

Disability Justice W/ Lateef McLeod (Srsly Wrong Transcript)

The podcast episode is accompanied by a written transcript.

This week Lateef Mcleod joins the Wrong Boys to discuss the principles of Disability Justice, why accessibility is important for everyone, and how capitalism systematically reduces people to our labor power, denying our wholeness as human beings.

244 – Disability Justice (w/ Lateef McLeod)

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