3DS Memories

Friday I shared some stats from my time with the Wii U that Nintendo generated and now I want to record the same for the 3DS. I’m using the tool My Nintendo 3DS & Wii U Memories.

I carried the 3DS with me just about every day for years. At work I’d look forward to StreetPass interactions with my coworkers, and I still miss the fun to be had with games such as Tomodachi Life that used our Mii avatars. After getting the 3DS I resisted for a while but soon got drawn back in to playing Pokémon, which I had been away from since the second generation, and played through each of the games available on the system. I put in 130 hours in Pokémon Sun alone as I built up a living dex.

I still play the 3DS occasionally, because there were so many games available on it that I didn’t get a chance to finish and more that I love to revisit. The New 3DS that I have is very compact, so it makes sense to pocket and have for long waits when travelling. I liked having it with me on flights to and from the Philippines in particular. Now my daughter loves using the camera of the 3DS and I suspect it will end up being her first game system when she’s old enough to properly enjoy video games.

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