Hyrule Highlands II

Tim de Man‘s second album of Celtic renditions of The Legend of Zelda series’ soundtracks, Hyrule Highlands II, is rich and evocative much beyond the first. The collaboration with ZREO: Second Quest is superbly produced and captures the best of the original soundtracks and traditional Celtic music.

From the mind of the one-Man-Celtic-band, Tim de Man, ZREO: Second Quest is pleased to present Hyrule Highlands II – A Zelda tribute album styled in Folk and Celtic arrangements. It’s a sequel to his Hyrule Highlands (2020) album and sports the same Celtic and Folk flare with studio-level care. We’ve worked directly with Tim to create each track from the ground up.

Tim de Man is a Dutch game music composer and multi-instrumentalist. He plays piano, drums, accordion, guitars, mandolin, and tin whistle, and has a vocal range of more than 3 octaves. Tim finally embraced his passion for old-school melodic game music in 2016. After seeing the first Breath of the Wild trailer, Tim took the plunge into making YouTube videos. Since 2020, he’s focused only on game music, both on his channel and in his composing practice.

Hyrule Highlands II – Music from Tim de Man

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