2022 Visit to British Columbia – Day 1

On our first day in British Columbia, Celestine was thrilled to visit Tsawwassen Mills mall and ride animal cars (a dinosaur for her). Then it was off to Bear Creek Park, where she chased bunnies after a face-first tumble in the parking lot.

Tonet, Celestine and I are lucky enough to be traveling to British Columbia this week. It’ll be the first time outside of Nova Scotia for us since the pandemic arrived, the first time Tonet will be seeing any of her family in person since 2019 and the first time Celestine will have seen her family on her mother’s side in person. It’s of course still daunting to travel during the pandemic, but we look forward to being in a different place and seeing people we haven’t in a long while.

Celestine waited under a tree for our flight to Vancouver to board.

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