Elfquest: The Audio Movie Episode 1

Elfquest: The Audio Movie is finally podcasting episodes and “Fire and Flight” is out today.

The Elfquest comics have been important to me for most of my life, so I was thrilled when an audio drama retelling the story was announced last year. Elfquest: The Audio Movie is finally podcasting episodes and “Fire and Flight” is out today. Though it has the unnecessary “The Audio Movie” subtitle instead of being called an audio drama, it is superbly produced and the great cast has brought the characters to life surprisingly faithfully. I’m excited to experience this story again over the next 9 weeks.

Driven from their ancestral forest home by humans wielding fire, Wolfrider chief Cutter and his elfin tribe must seek refuge from the inferno in the mysterious Caverns of the Trolls. But can the subterranean dwellers be trusted?

Realm – Elfquest

When a fierce tribe of woodland elves – the Wolfriders – are burned from their homes by hostile humans, their chief, Cutter, must tap every reserve of strength and will to lead his people to safety.

Barely surviving brutal setbacks, the Wolfriders discover to their astonishment other elves – the Sun Folk – who exist in the world they thought was theirs alone. Now refugees, the hardship of losing their forest home proves small compared to the spirit-twisting trials that follow when Cutter experiences an unexpected soul-to-soul bond with the healer of the Sun Folk, Leetah. Join us as the Wolfriders confront danger, death, and desperate flight as they wrestle with deep mysteries of identity and love. Welcome, as Realm presents the epic saga ElfQuest from comic book creators Wendy and Richard Pini in this richly layered audio movie.

Realm – Elfquest

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